How to Repay Your Mortgage Early

Given that a mortgage is usually a long-term commitment, sometimes a significant one, paying it off can be a major financial (and personal) milestone. For some people it may even be worth considering taking steps to repay a mortgage early. The practicalities of overpaying a mortgage There are essentially two parts to a mortgage. The […]

Self Employed? You can still secure a self employed mortgage

According to the Office for National Statistics, the percentage of self-employed workers in the UK almost doubled between 1975 and 2014.  In 2014 15% of UK workers were classed as self-employed.  These workers all need somewhere to live and many of them will need a self employed mortgage.  The good news is that self-employed workers[…..]

Remortgaging Benefits and Pitfalls

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos Mori for Panorama, 31% of people who rent or have a mortgage find that payments take up more than a third of their total household income.  Even if your mortgage payments are below this level, if they are a significant part of your budget then getting the[…..]

What You Need to Know about Help to Buy

Help to buy may no longer be headline news but it is providing valuable support to people buying a new home, up to 31st March 2016, or earlier if all the funding is taken up.  In particular it can help first time buyers struggling with the challenge of finding enough savings to put down a[…..]