New Citrus Mortgages website launched

As part of our process to improve our customer care and advice services, we have developed a new website to help customers find the best mortgage solution whilst providing a great customer experience. Our main objective of the new website design and development was based upon a slick user experience so that our valued customers and potential new customers can access information easily and to be able to communicate with the Citrus Mortgages team when they need advice. One of our Directors, Nick Blatcher explains the new introductions: “We are excited to launch our new website with features such as a client portal for secure transfer of documents, online factfinds for customer convenience and the facility to carry out virtual mortgage appointments. “Taking the next step towards futureproofing our digital strategy will provide an improved usability of our services so that we can help the local people of Milton Keynes […]

The 2017 autumn budget – what does it mean for you?

In short, today’s budget saw economic growth forecasts revised from 2% to 1.5% in 2017 and further drops from original forecasts in subsequent years. Government borrowing deficit figures have also been revised and will reduce at a slower pace. However £3bn has been set aside to ease the transition into Brexit and there’s an extra £2.8bn for the NHS, although this falls short of the requested 4bn. The Living Wage will rise to £7.50 an hour and schools are being given incentives to encourage A level Maths students and employ Science teachers. Those buying new diesel cars will be discouraged with an increase in tax although fuel duty has remained frozen for the eighth year. Duty on spirits, wine and beer has been frozen although there is a new tax band for ‘white cider’ with an alcohol content of between 6.9 and 7.5%. Those aged 26 to 30 will benefit[…..]

Congratulations to our 10th Anniversary Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. The winners should have received their Amazon Echo Dots and are now enjoying the dulcet tones of Alexa. The winners were: 10 – Rachael Marshall 9 – Amanda Sothcott 8 – Nicola Langford 7 – Gary Walters 6 – Kerry Smith 5 – Chris Board 4 – Mark Tyerman 3 – Kaushal Patel 2 – Sherri Dunkley 1 – Corinne Valor If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, don’t worry, you can still receive £25 of M&S vouchers* if you have a friend that would be interested in our help. Just fill in their details below and we’ll get in touch. * Vouchers will be sent out on completion of their mortgage or life insurance policy.

Enter Citrus Mortgages 10th Anniversary Competition

Win an Amazon Echo Dot! In celebration of our 10th anniversary we’re giving away an Amazon Echo Dot every day for 10 days starting from 10th August! The Amazon Echo Dot uses Alexa voice control to act as your personal assistant. Play music, set alarms, control smart devices, read the news or find out information. Connecting through bluetooth, the system links to speakers or headphones and uses seven microphones so it picks up sound easily in your home. Cloud updates keep the device ready with the latest information. All you have to do is fill in your name and email below and we’ll select a lucky winner from all the entrants the following day at 10am. You can enter your details once every day. See our competition terms for all other details. Good luck!  

It’s Our 10th Anniversary!

We can’t quite believe it but we’ve been running Citrus Mortgages for 10 years this month! Here’s a little look back at how things have grown… 10th Anniversary Competition In celebration of our 10 years in business, we’re going to be running a competition for 10 days from August 10th where 10 lucky people can win an Amazon Echo Dot. Keep checking back for details!

Right to Buy Mortgage Advice

Citrus Mortgages are Right to Buy mortgage specialists. The following is a brief introduction to how Right to Buy works. The Right to Buy scheme was first introduced in the 1980’s by Margaret Thatcher, the scheme has allowed council house tenants in England that have been paying rent, to buy their properties at a discounted rate.  In order to take advantage of the scheme Council tenants would need to be living in the property for at least three years, is a council tenant or was a council tenant when the house sold to the current landlord. The property is the only or main home and it is self-contained which means that tenants do not live in sheltered housing, or housing for the elderly and disabled. Tenants of a flat or maisonette are able buy on a ‘lease’. This is normally for a maximum of 125 years but it can be[…..]

100% Mortgage – 3 Year Fixed Rate at 2.34%

We have access to a lender who is offering a 100% Loan to Value product for First Time Buyers and Homemovers having difficulty saving a deposit. This is a “Helping Hand” mortgage where the lender will allow an applicant’s parents to act as a guarantor (regardless of age or income). Lenders fee £650 plus valuation fee. The overall cost for comparison is 3.1% APR Please get in touch for more details. Your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up payments on your mortgage.

How to work out buy to let property rental yield and return on investment

Investing in property can be a daunting prospect and it isn’t risk free. It is important that a potential investor is aware of the potential pitfalls as well as the benefits. Although we can see that historically there have been huge increases in property values and rental return there are no absolute guarantees for the future. If you are risk averse then investing in vehicles such as fixed rate deposit accounts may be a better option. The first step to understanding how you go about investing is to do the maths. Before even starting to look around at properties investigate the cost of houses you are looking at and the rent you are likely to achieve. & are essential research tools as not only will they allow you to see the asking prices and rental values of properties on the market, but you can ascertain the actual sale[…..]

How to select a property for Buy to Let

Choosing you property depends on the type of tenant you are looking for rather than the type of property you yourself would like to live in. Put yourself in the shoes of your target tenant and what their needs are. Students, young professionals and families all have different wants. Access to schools, transport links, size of property, storage space, décor, local amenities, garden or not? These factors will be a different priority to different market sectors. Getting this right will increase the appeal of the property and limit rental voids. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDE – TOP TIPS FOR BUY TO LET INVESTMENT Should I buy a freehold or a leasehold property for investment? In many areas 2 and 3 bed houses are the most desirable and easiest to let out to families, however flats are also a popular choice especially in city centres. However these properties have different types of ownership and it is important to understand the impact[…..]